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Autumn / Winter 2020

Autumn / Winter 2020


Our new autumn-winter 2020 collection is called ANDAGIFT. The direct translation of this Icelandic word is “spirit’s gift”, but it is more commonly used when talking about inspiration.

” Stefán wrapped damp paper over his model and carefully encased it in a large sheet of plastic. His clay reinterpretation of the incredible beauty he experiences everyday living at the edge of Skjaldbreiður volcano was still at the beginning stages.


Ease of self expression and a creative license was part of Stefán and part of Iceland. He didn’t differentiate between the two. The play of light upon the textures of the solidified lava, the stunning mountain views or the spectacular eruptions, this was what nourished his soul.


His artistic journey is a story told of isolation, brutal cold and unmatched austerity. Yet it was this struggle with the severity of life that allowed Stefán to achieve his creative catharsis and awaken the transcendent grandeur of his art. “

Our new autumn-winter collection was inspired by Iceland’s harsh climate and the artists, both native and visionary émigrés who choose Iceland as their muse and home.

The amazing artists who explore the parallels between the unique nature of Iceland, giving rise to their creative freedom have motivated us to explore the application of sustainable fabrics and create new ideas in design and silhouette.

The naturalness and slow living that are the core values of life for many of these artists have been incorporated into our new autumn-winter collection.

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