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New collection “Sandfok”

New collection “Sandfok”

Our new collection is called SANDFOK. The direct translation of this Icelandic word is “wind of sand”.

Natural elements captured by the skilled photographer’s eye – seem to deconstruct their beauty in the photographs. In one photo, an artist records the inimitable moment: lines, shapes, forms, textures, patterns, colors, space. Such photos may not convey all the power that lies on the opposite side of the lens. However, they can arouse a desire to dive deeper into the subject of natural elements and natural disasters. While analyzing these topics, it is obligatory to learn more about sustainable living and consumption – as it is the only way to protect our environment

Our latest collection was inspired by natural elements and creators who draw inspiration from them. This fascinating subject matter motivated us to try new sustainable fabrics and create innovative ideas in design and silhouette.

This collection was made with love for people and the planet. It is fully made of eco-friendly materials. Moreover, all of our shirts are ethically made in our own atelier in Lithuania.

Our new collection features:


-Made to order production;
-Only eco-friendly materials;
-Creative and versatile designs;
-Unisex models;
-Additional sizes: tall & petite;
-Personalization with individual initials.

Ethically Made.
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