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Behind AW20 collection: designer Dainius Bendikas

Behind AW20 collection: designer Dainius Bendikas

We strongly believe that not only the image of the brand itself is important, but also what remains behind the final shots of the new collection. Therefore, we want to introduce you to the people who stand behind our brand. This time we want you to meet designer Dainius Bendikas – a menswear designer, who is best known for his innovative clothing construction techniques and concepts. Thanks to his creativity and professionalism, the innovative and original design of the Andagift collection was born.

The main source of inspiration for the new HUGINN MUNINN autumn-winter collection is Iceland and the artists who choose it as their muse. What is your relationship with this place?


I always had exceptional adoration towards nature, specifically being in that present moment of thought and contemplation while surrounded by the vastness of it all. So naturally, years ago when the opportunity presented itself, I moved to Iceland. With time this rough yet incredible island became my source of self-exploration.


I believe that one has to get to the bottom of oneself, or at least create circumstances in which it becomes a never-ending journey towards it. For me, and I believe for many others, that journey begins with nature. From personal experience, continuously exploring the Icelandic wilderness, I dare to suggest that if one spends enough time being there, on occasions even in life-threatening situations, this substantial sensation of insignificance takes over and one starts to get to know oneself.


Sometimes what you discover is truly elevating, and sometimes it goes deeper than anticipated, therefore, it may not always be pretty, yet revealing. All this provides a certain sense of vulnerability through which I often find myself oddly familiar with people who choose to spend their time in nature, be it to find peace, or draw inspiration from it for their artistic practice. It’s that common sense that gets you. For example – when you hike in the mountains and you meet a stranger on your path, you simply say hello. So through all the elements that compose this collection the objective is merely an attempt to share this notion of this common-sense with like-minded people.

Let’s take a closer look at the new collection ANDAGIFT. What are the essential components of this collection?


It is the eco-cultural ideology that laid the foundation for this collection, therefore, the focus is on natural and sustainable elements combined with functional design details that set these garments apart. As a small brand, Huginn Muninn is able to implement positive change in the process of making considerably quicker, therefore supporting sustainable material makers along the way.


For example – we use biodegradable coconut and wooden buttons instead of plastic, we use fabrics not blended with synthetics so that not only it feels natural and real, but also that recycling option is possible when the time comes. From the design standpoint, more noticeable elements derive from men’s classical clothing – details of garment archetypes such as trench coat, parka, dress coat are implemented in a new way that bows to the heritage of functional menswear clothing and style, yet presents itself from a fresh perspective.

The theme of sustainability also plays a crucial role in the autumn-winter collection. What is your relationship with the concept of sustainability and slow fashion?


With each technological innovation within the industry, it becomes easier to implement a more sustainable approach. With each individual initiative, broader social awareness is reached every day. It’s inevitable for sustainability to become the new normal. While the industry is headed there, we have to do our part to create the change and a new reality we need each step of the way.

By the way, maybe you have a favorite model in this collection? If so, can you reveal why?


Every item is rather special to me since each one was considerably thought through by the whole team of professionals via all aspects of development and process of making. More significant aspects that we’re proud of would be the feel of fabrics in relevance to the concept, the integration of subtle design details that goes beyond regular, the quality and exceptional execution. But If I had to choose – adaptability-wise, the Namaskard jacket stands out to me.

And the last question, what message would you like to convey to a customer who has chosen a Huginn Muninn shirt?


From a style point of view, – there’s nothing more extraordinary than a well-aged, decent quality garment. We’ve purposefully chosen materials that would age well and gain character along the way, so care for your garment, make it last.

Ethically Made.
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