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Discover our new line of tall and petite shirts

Discover our new line of tall and petite shirts

We stand against the fast fashion industry where products are continually produced to provide instant demand for the mass market, regardless of each person’s individual needs. Therefore, every item that you order from us is manufactured just for You. Today, we are more than happy to invite You to try out our new TALL and PETITE shirt sizing option!

We strongly believe that as a small brand, one of our greatest strengths is making shirts to suit Your individual needs. We don’t stock shirts as major brands because we don’t believe in the principles of fast fashion. We think that every shirt needs to be made according to each customer’s order individually. We make shirts only from the very best materials and only for You.

We recognize that finding the perfect shirt fit can sometimes be frustrating. So, our team has worked hard to create perfect fitting shirts for everyone who appreciates quality and unique design. From now on, we have added TALL and PETITE sizing options to our product assortment, where individuals of non-standard heights will be able to choose the right size for themselves.

Tall & petite options are now available for our spring/summer and autumn/winter 2020 collection

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