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Introducing our digital gift card

Introducing our digital gift card


Shopping for someone else but not sure what size they are or what to gift them? Your search for the perfect personalized gift is over! Give them the gift of choice with our digital gift card.


We know how difficult it can be to find a gift that not only meets the aesthetic taste of the recipient but is personal at the same time. Therefore, we present a Huginn Muninn digital gift card. The recipient will not only be able to choose the piece they like the best but also decorate it with their individual initials.


Why is Huginn Muninn’s gift card digital instead of physical?


The global pandemic has probably shown most of us that shopping online is an extremely convenient and quick process. To avoid wasting your time and resources (that are not sustainable) our gift card is digital.

How will the gift card reach you and the gift recipient?


Huginn Muninn gift card will be delivered to you by e-mail immediately after the purchase is made. You will be able to send the PDF file of the gift card to the recipient by e-mail or print it out and gift it in person. If you would like the recipient to receive the gift card immediately to his or her inbox, you can enter their e-mail address in the box provided on the gift card shop page.


How will the recipient be able to pay for the piece of his or her choice with a Huginn Muninn gift card?


We want the recipient to have the most pleasant shopping experience possible. So if the piece of their choice is more expensive than the value of the gift card, he or she will be able to pay the remaining amount with their credit card. If the purchase costs less than the value of the gift card, we will return the balance in the form of a discount code for the next purchase.

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