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Our gift to You – reusable protective face mask

Our gift to You – reusable protective face mask


Order one of our shirts and receive a reusable protective mask made from your shirt material for free!

Today, we all live in odd times and try our best to adapt to new living conditions. During the global pandemic, we want to stay engaged and help you overcome the hurdles you face every day. Therefore, from now on, when you purchase one of our shirts, you will receive a protective reusable mask free of charge.


Moreover, we care not only about You but also about the environment we live in! For this reason, our protective reusable masks are made of the remaining fabric of your shirt.

All HUGINN MUNINN protective masks are made of high quality, strong and durable fabrics.

You can wash it at high temperatures, boil it and iron it.

Byt the way, during the pandemic, we are also extending the return period to 60 days.

Let’s overcome these difficult times together.

Stay safe!

Ethically Made.
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