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Pop-up exhibition – Vilnius, store

Pop-up exhibition – Vilnius, store


Let’s meet in Vilnius, Panorama shopping center, LOCALS.LT store.

Our newest limited-edition capsule collection made from deadstock materials coming soon online. But before launching this collection online, we invite you to get familiarized with these types of products in person at a pop-up event.

Deadstock fabrics are the type of materials that were not sold by their producer or that fashion houses over-order. Every year thousands of yards of these perfectly good fabrics end up in landfills. As we understand that the fashion industry is the 2nd largest polluter in the world, we try to lessen the impact by using materials that already exist.

For this special event, a limited edition clothing collection was created from carefully selected deadstock fabrics. The purpose of this event is to show that products made from deadstock fabrics are not only no different from clothes made from new materials but are even more unique – because it is made in extremely small quantities, so each model is special.

This is also a great opportunity to try on and buy HUGINN MUNINN clothes in person.
You can find our pop-up exhibition at store, Panorama shopping center, Vilnius.

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