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Shacket – an absolute year-round wardrobe essential

Shacket – an absolute year-round wardrobe essential



SHACKET – funny sounding, stylish looking, eye-melting and weather repelling incarnation of jacket and shirt in one piece of clothing.

So, what exactly is a shacket?


A shacket is a slightly oversized shirt thick enough to be halfway between a shirt and a jacket. This makes it an absolute ideal year-round layering piece. You can throw it on over a lightweight t-shirt during warmer months and pair it with your favorite merino wool turtleneck during chillier weather.

Why should you invest in Huginn Muninn shackets?


Quality comes first when talking about Huginn Muninn’s apparel. All of our shackets are made of the highest quality natural fabrics – 100% cotton or 100% thick linen. The fabrics we use are strong and durable, so our garments serve more than a couple of seasons. Moreover, natural fabrics are breathable, making our shackets suitable for a wide variety of weather conditions.


Ethically Made.
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