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Shirts manufactured just for you

Shirts manufactured just for you


Did you know that every Huginn Muninn shirt that you order is manufactured individually just for you?

We stand against fast fashion and its mass-produced, unsustainable and unethically made garments. We believe that conscious fashion is the future. Therefore, we don’t make our shirts in large quantities and we don’t stock them.

Why we don’t stock shirts?


Stocking shirts in huge quantities leads to unwanted deadstock. Traditionally, brands would hold on to their excess garments for a few seasons and then destroy them or send them to the landfills. To prevent this from happening, we manufacture our shirts individually – one by one for each of you. Moreover, we make our shirts from limited edition fabrics, thus ensuring that we don’t end up with an excessive amount of deadstock fabric.


How long does it take to make your new shirt?


Since every item that you order is manufactured from a scratch, it requires time and human effort to come to life. It usually takes about one or two weeks for our tailors to make your new Huginn Muninn shirt.


*At the moment, we are facing a second wave of COVID-19, which seems even more complex than the first one. At this unstable and delicate time, we are still working, but we need to be even more cautious – to keep our employees safe, we need to work in very small teams. Therefore, we may be a little late with our production deadlines. Thank you for your understanding and stay safe!

This slow manufacturing approach lets us personalize every Huginn Muninn shirt that you order.

To make your new shirt feel even more individual, you can: choose from different sizing options: STANDART, TALL, PETITE and decorate your new shirt with your initials.

Ethically Made.
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