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Spring / Summer 2020

Spring / Summer 2020


The root of the word architecture is the
Greek arkhitekton, “master builder”.


Inspired by the dynamic and vibrant modern architecture of Iceland, our Spring/Summer 2020 Collection speaks of the art of urban structures.

Our master builders? The world-class architects of our well-tailored, impeccable shirts. Finely crafted garments with unrivaled attention to detail, fashioned so every element of the garment is a masterwork, culminating in an expression of innovation and luxury.

We invite you to come and join us on this journey, celebrating the form and function of the time-honored parallels between the architecture of buildings and the architecture of fine apparel. Study the authentic construction of our unconventional shirts.

You will discover the true heart and soul of Huginn Muninn. Our aim is to craft special, noteworthy apparel that you will want to wear every day.

Just as the free-spirited Norsemen articulated the Icelandic tradition of adventure and exploration, Huginn Muninn shares a heritage of brave originality. That is transformed in to selection of exceptional fabrics tailored in unexpected ways. As you search through these photos, you’ll note innovative silhouettes, luxurious fabrics and outstanding craftsmanship.

Designed for you, our partners on this journey.


We are proud to introduce this new collection, not as a selection of shirts, but as a lifestyle of a true master builder.

T A K E   A   C L O S E R   L O O K !


Ethically Made.
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