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Meet the creators – Aistis
MEET THE CREATORS is our blog series dedicated to artists whose work inspires people to look at the mundane world differently. Curious to get to know them better, we invite them for a friendly encounter in which our team meets face-to-face with their creative talent. This time we met up with inventive young artist Aistis Kavaliauskas at his creative nest – his home. He is a multidisciplinary visual artist who is using various creative forms such as sculpture, painting and photography to reflect his ideas.

Aistis, you are a multidisciplinary artist – how would you describe your creative field?


In my creative field, the wind is constantly changing and I am only partially responsible for its direction. Abstract ideas are born first, which then find the most suitable form for themselves.


How would you describe your creative process?


My creative process is not completely systematic. I would describe it as unclear visions that are looking for their place in reality. Only with the help of a sharp mind, these dreamlike ideas emerge from the fog.


My creative work always starts with writing down a thought or drawing a sketch. For me, this is an essential part of the process, although then I encounter real material or surface, the concept of the original idea itself changes a lot. I often accept mistakes made in the creative process as a success that helps avoid sterility.

What is your relationship with nature?


I adore nature. Many great experiences in life take place there – relaxation, therapy, inspiration, adventure, delicate understanding of the environment or myself. But in a way, I am a selfish hypocrite – because I live a modern city lifestyle.


I try to use nature sensitively and responsibly for my needs, but my work with materials in the visual art industry harms it. I often think about how much you need to destroy to create something.

Where do you find the most inspiration?


Then talking about inspiration as some external force capable of pushing me in a creative direction, I can safely say that it is usually done by other people. Most of my motivation lies in people and their relationships with each other.


Where do you think art comes from?


It’s hard to name where art comes from, as well as what it is all about. Maybe that’s why I want to explore something that seems impossible to answer or fully understand.


What is your relationship with fashion? Is it a form of self-expression for you?


Yes, fashion is a relevant form of self-expression to me. I constantly change my style according to my mood or the occasion. Sometimes I’m looking for an eye-catching look and sometimes I just want to fit into a social context or wear comfortable clothes for that day’s activities.


I love to combine different styles of clothing. I also like to repurpose clothes – cut, repaint, repair them, thus creating a new character. I create a lot of characters for myself with the help of fashion. Those characters help me feel or behave a little differently, but I don’t try to live another life, as I desire to live in my own skin.



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