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Our story

Our story

,,Huginn ok Muninn
fljúga hverjan dag
jörmungrund yfir;
óumk ek Hugin,
at hann aftr né komi,
þó sjáumk ek meir of Munin."
We believe in ideas, creativity and style that go beyond clothing. We always seek to stay visionary, remain close to our roots and be transparent in all the manufacturing processes.
In the industry where fast fashion is taking over, we stand for the clothes that never sacrifice quality, design and well-being of others. The choice to dress smart is not only about looking smart. It is a choice to live a smart life.

Creative individuals who follow ideas wherever they take them inspire us. Just like them, we chose yet undiscovered path full of wonder. We seek to create the products that would inspire you every day. Every Huginn Muninn shirt you button up in the morning is a beginning of something new and exciting.
Huginn Muninn is the lifestyle brand that specializes in shirt making. It was born in Iceland, manufactured in Lithuania and is loved internationally. It combines heritage, high-end design and immaculate quality.

Behind the brand stands a group of creators devoted to making the sophisticated wear to fellow creators around the world.
Who made my clothes and where were they made?
We strongly believe that every conscious customer needs to ask these two questions. We are proud that our shirts are made by our own highly experienced industry professionals' team based in Lithuania, whose experience dates back to 1967. These artisans - masters of their craft bring the "know-how" to the production process. Therefore, every Huginn Muninn shirt that You order is made with love, treated and handled by skilled experts who get a fair salary for their work. Because we make all of our garments ourselves, the production process is fully in our hands. This allows us to create fair and transparent product pricing that is not artificially inflated - but truly reflects the highest quality and workmanship.
The brand name
Huginn Muninn is born out of the depth of the Icelandic roots and our story started from... a myth!

In Norse mythology, Huginn and Muninn are a pair of ravens described as perching on the god Odin’s shoulders. Huginn and Muninn represent Odin's thoughts and memory, Huginn being Odin’s thoughts and Muninn his memory, or mind.

The Prose Edda explains that Odin is referred to as “raven-god” due to his association with Huginn and Muninn. Heimskringla details that Odin gave Huginn and Muninn the ability to speak so that they could fly every morning all over the world, Midgard, and be Odin’s eyes and ears. At the end of the day, they bring back to him what they had witnessed. In the Poetic Edda, a disguised Odin says that he fears they may not return from their daily flights. And now.. Every Huginn Muninn shirt has an embroidery, that represents two adventurous ravens – the long-standing symbols for curiosity.

Huginn Muninn seeks to step into the unexplored terrains and discover yet undiscovered lands. There is a magic in all the beginnings, and the two ravens indicate that your adventure begins every day.

Why we don’t do sales?


We are reluctant to promotions like Black Friday because we believe that such discounts encourage people to make rash decisions and buy items that they don’t need. The psychology of a sale is rather simple – the pleasure principle suggests that people seek pleasure to avoid pain. The anticipation of a discount is pleasurable, while the fear of missing out is painful. We, as a socially conscious brand, promote mindful consumption. We want our shirts to be a purposeful purchase. So, we encourage you to join us in making conscious choices!


We also don’t discount, because we believe in the quality of our work and product. We aim for total price transparency. The price of our product consists of top-class materials and a highly professional workforce. Moreover, we produce our garments one by one (we don’t mass produce), for this reason our production prices are highly expensive.


Often, brands include so-called “sale margin”, when developing pricing strategies. So when customers are buying a product at full price, they are already paying for their future discounts. We don’t want to go that route. We want to remain authentic to ourselves by communicating the pricing of our products transparently.



We stand against fast fashion! Therefore, we never use mass-produced materials or design templates when creating our shirts. We apply the principles of mindfulness in our production process – we do not produce shirts in large quantities and do not stock them. So, every item that you order from us is limited edition and is manufactured just for You. All of our products are made to order. It takes 7-10 days for our tailors to make your new Huginn Muninn shirt.


We realize that in this fast-paced world, staying unique is challenging. However, we believe that self-expression is the greatest virtue of our customers. That’s why with our shirts, we want to convey the individual story of each of You. For additional authenticity, we can decorate your new Huginn Muninn shirt with Your initials.


You can also choose from our additional nonstandard sizes – tall & petite.

Quality and sustainability


We consider high quality and sustainability to be one of our most important priorities as a slow fashion brand. All of our garments are made by our own highly experienced team based in Lithuania. Therefore, the full production process is in our hands – concept development, material selection, cutting, sewing and shipping to Your home.

In the fast-paced fashion industry, we always do our best to find sustainable options. Our shirts and shackets are made of only eco-friendly materials. Moreover, we use biodegradable coconut, wooden, mother-of-pearl buttons instead of plastic ones. We also use fabrics not blended with synthetics – so that not only the garment feels natural but can be recycled when the time comes.

The same rules apply to our packaging. We pack our shirts with love for people and the Earth. Therefore, we replaced all single-use plastic packaging details with recycled paper ones.

Responsibility and accountability


We design clothes that are long-lasting and essential wardrobe investments. Due to high-quality materials and a highly professional production process, Huginn Muninn’s garments can serve multiple seasons if properly cared for.


Therefore, if the garment is torn or otherwise damaged due to our production team’s human-factor fault, we will repair the product for you free of charge. If the garment is damaged due to natural wear and tear, we can fix it for an additional fee to prolong its life in your closet.

Ethically Made.
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