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Our story
Huginn Muninn was born out of the depth of the Icelandic myth! We have been inspired by Norse mythology - Huginn and Muninn are a pair of ravens described as perching on the god Odin’s shoulders. They represent Odin’s thoughts and memory which could fly all over the world and be his eyes and ears.

Our international team works in a similar way: every Huginn Muninn product is inspired by both - global ideas and local traditions that reflect the values of our brand.
Our story
European-born, Icelandic-designed, Lithuanian-manufactured, and internationally loved clothing brand that fuses Icelandic heritage, innovative design, and excellent quality of tailoring.

We are proud that our clothing is made by our own industry professionals’ team based in Lithuania, whose experience dates to 1967. These artisans - masters of their craft create every Huginn Muninn product with love and get a fair salary for their work.
Our philosophy
We believe in creative ideas and style that go beyond clothing. Therefore, every Huginn Muninn shirt is inspired by various creators and their creative paths! Our imaginative thinking and remaining close to our roots work well when designing functional yet stylish clothing.

It is also essential for us to be transparent in all the manufacturing processes to provide our customers with products that they would proudly wear.
We stand for the clothes that never sacrifice quality, design, and well-being of others. All our products are limited edition and manufactured just for You (one by one). It takes 7-10 working days for our tailors to create your new Huginn Muninn garment. Whole process is in our own hands – concept development, material selection, cutting, sewing, and shipping to Your home.

In the fast-paced fashion industry, we always do our best to find sustainable alternatives. Our garments are made of eco-friendly materials. Moreover, we use biodegradable coconut, wooden, mother-of-pearl buttons instead of virgin plastic ones. The same rules apply to our packaging - we replaced all single-use plastic packaging details with recycled paper ones.
We believe that creativity is one of the virtues of our customers! Would you like to add extra uniqueness to your clothing by embroidering your initials or selected Icelandic runes that hold symbolic meaning just for you? Or maybe use different buttons? Great, because with us, you can join the process of making your clothes unique.



Ethically Made.


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