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Meet the creators – Ignas
Meet The Creators is our blog series dedicated to the creative people of today who bring unexpected new colors and shapes to our mundane lives. We invite you to take a look at their creative processes, which are usually invisible to the public.


This time we had an incredible opportunity to chat with Ignas Kalinauskas, who is one of the architects of the design and architecture studio “Archispektras”.

What was your path to architecture like?


My dad is an architect. I remember myself when I was six years old, I saw him drawing buildings at home and I felt his great enthusiasm, positivity, happiness. I think it made a big influence on me.


Even when I was little, I noticed imprecisions in Dad’s unfinished drawings or got to color the sketches of the facades of buildings instead of the general coloring books.


Are there any architects who are your source of inspiration?


I admire a good architecture in general and many architects from Scandinavia, Holland, Switzerland, USA, Japan, Mexico, Chile, Spain and other countries. I have no particular leading authority to follow, regardless of country or style. The work of the world’s best architects captivates with its consistency and clear message. This is where I feel most inspired.

Do you remember your first independent project?


The first realized structure of mine was a small, modern, bright orange sauna on the shore of a lake. I saw it quite unexpectedly several years later while resting by the same lake. It was a wonderful experience. As I missed the construction process because I was living abroad at the time.


And what is your most proud piece?


My latest project. It is a private home for a large family. It is unique in that it reflects vividly and seamlessly the design principles and methodology that have evolved over the last few years of my creative life.

What are your personal values?


My greatest values are health, self-expression, relationships and lifelong learning. I think life is full of wonderful things to experience. The key is to enjoy them and learn not to be afraid to waste time on the unimportant. It is quite a hedonistic approach.


Talking about my creative life, I always think about how people feel in the environment I create. In every project, there are always only positive thoughts – how to improve life, how to surprise, how to create coziness, relationship, feeling, value.


Does your own image matter to you as a person working with aesthetics all the time?


Of course. I think my image can lead to a client’s trust in me.


How would you describe your style?


It is quite architectural. I like minimalist clothes, not overloaded with details, different materials or colors. I pay more attention to interesting cuts and non-traditional shapes. Just like in my favorite architectural examples, I value integrity and consistency.



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