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Meet the creators – Nerijus & Gintarė
Creative people and creativity are our biggest sources of inspiration. MEET THE CREATORS is blog series dedicated to creative people whose work brings a dash of magic to the world around us. Curious to get to know them better, we invite them for a friendly encounter in which our creative team meets face-to-face with their creative talent. This time we had a wonderful experience meeting the popular wedding and fashion photography duo “Nerijus ir Gintarė”.

Let’s start from the beginning – how did the path of photography for each of you begin? And how was the duo “N&G” finally born?


N. Looking at it from the perspective, it seems that I have been taking small steps all the time towards it. Like many, I started taking pictures of the environment, nature, everyday moments for fun. Since I didn’t have a camera for a long time, I captured everything on my phone. It wasn’t until 2012 that I picked up a camera for the first time. It’s hard to believe, but then, not understanding how the camera works or what the composition is – I immediately invited two friends of mine and executed a photoshoot. These shots are still available on Facebook. That was the beginning.


For a long time, I thought that photography would be only my hobby. Therefore, I was in no hurry to go that route. I rarely took photos, trying to figure out what I was truly interested in. I also had some seasonal photography projects – holidays, christenings, or even weddings. But these were arbitrary projects.


Gintarė’s path went parallel to mine. When I used the camera for a long time, Gintarė took it in her hands and pulled me back. So, our path of complementing each other in photography started from the beginning. The project “Nerijus and Gintarė” was formed four years ago. Since then, photography is not only our hobby but also a way of life.


G. Unplanned and unintentional, but together. From the little things we have admired for a long time – the beauty and importance of details. The search for emotion in nature and architecture has gradually shifted to people. And in photography, we discovered that we can create that emotion ourselves.


Have you ever wondered why you chose photography instead of immersing in other creative fields?


N. In fact, we have tried more than just photography. There are or have been various creative fields in our lives – painting, architecture, interior design. Gintarė decided to fully immerse herself in photography a little faster than I did – more than four years ago. I – only three months ago.


Now architecture and interior design look like the former stages of life, at least for now. But we are truly happy to have had the opportunity to touch on some exceptional projects. Although, Gintarė has promised that she will return to painting.


G. I have a master’s degree in architecture and have worked as an architect for several years, but at the same time, I started working in photography. I found a lot more creativity and joy in it. The decision to engage in only one creative activity has matured gradually, and it is one of the best decisions I made.

Can each of you summarise in a few words, or one word, what photography means to you?


N. For me, photography is a way to convey how I see the world. In real life, there are many circumstances beyond your control. Photography allows you to create or at least try to create the moment you imagine in your head. It is like a scene in a movie – a moment between reality and fantasy.


G. If in a word – people. People in the frame and beyond. Photography allows revealing people’s emotions, their way of life. Photography can also be highly influential, and what you want to say can change the lives of others. And finally, all of these experiences change you as well.


And what inspires you the most? Other photographers, books, movies?


Both: Everything you listed. The most important thing is how much photography is in your everyday life. For us, photography is a form of creation. And the desire to create isn’t just there while you’re working.


Life itself is inspiring, and it is not necessarily related to specific events. Sometimes even moving away from photography allows you to immerse yourself in it much more.

You work a lot with both wedding and fashion photography. Can you tell us about the work process itself? How do you work with these types of projects?


Both: We are glad to work with different projects and intertwine experiences in unique and, at first sight, completely unrelated areas. Photography for us, as we mentioned before, is a form of creation.


Because of the opportunity to create something, regardless of the type of the project, we try to cross our boundaries every time we implement new ideas. Every project starts with the desires of the customer and our search for what we can execute. It takes a lot of time and effort, but it’s worth it.


And how do you usually prepare for such photoshoots?


N. In photography, photography itself takes perhaps only half of the time or even less. Everything else – coordination, organization, takes a long time. I am happy with Gintarė’s patience and willingness to organize everything – which is another perk of working in a team. Over time, we managed to discover each other’s strengths. We allow each other to be the central figure in those areas instead of us both trying to do everything equally.


What advice would you give to young photographers who are just starting their career paths?


N. Search for something that sparks the most joy. Search for those moments that make you do it all. It might sound cliché, but in the end, everyone comes back to this question and has to answer it.


G. Try, try and try. Search for yourself. Maybe you love looking at sensual portraits, but you’ll feel the best photographing still life compositions. Photography is a wide field, and it’s easy enough to test yourself in different genres these days.


And finally, what best advice have you received yourself?


N. That, in the end, you will still have to choose what you want to do in life because, unfortunately, you will not be able to do everything.


G. You never know what may open up new doors for you. New acquaintance, work project, etc. – something can happen at any time that will change your attitude or give an answer. So, don’t be afraid to do, try, take risks and discover


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