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Meet the creators – Rolandas
Huginn Muninn’s main source of inspiration comes from various creators. Our blog series “Meet the creators” is a place where we introduce you to the creators who inspire us. This time, we invite you to meet the artist Rolandas Žigonis, whom we met at his exhibition “Unplanned Paintings”.

How do you introduce yourself to those who meet you for the first time?


As a gardener. I have a more metaphorical meaning in mind. I enjoy cultivating creations, and in the process of creation, I try not to impose my opinion as the creator, allowing the images to grow on their own. That’s why I see associations with gardening in the creative process. Moreover, I find a lot of inspiration in nature, so I always try to see its footprint in my actions.


What is important to you today in life and in creativity?


In life, it is important for me to create, and in creativity, it is important for me to live. Through creativity, I can physically connect with the inner, mythological world and perceive it as a living experience from which everything manifests itself on the outside. Life and creativity have become inseparable things. It is important in life to share, to share real things that allow those around us to reveal themselves, reflect, discover inspiration, calm down, and see new perspectives. From here arises a sense of meaning that gives the energy to move forward.


What is painting to you?


Painting is a way for me to explore my inner self, to contemplate the outer world. Painting is a way to tell a story, to physically touch the fairy tale, or the act of storytelling itself. Painting is a form of contemplation through practice, which helps me explore where all the stories come from and how they are interconnected with each other.

What does it take to create a painting?


It takes a lived experience and a deep connection with the emerging content. It requires being free from thoughts, attachments, and expectations that can arise during the creative process. Maintaining a spirit of curiosity and exploration is also essential. It takes courage to engage in this process of identification without losing oneself and to see the big picture. In short, it takes a combination of lived experience, creative freedom, and a curious, explorative mindset to create a painting.


Can you tell us about your creative process? What does your day look like as an artist?


I try not to get into a routine and constantly change my daily routine because when a routine and habit are established, I start to feel suffocated and I need freshness to maintain creativity. The day starts with a walk in the woods, breathing exercises, stretching, and breakfast. Then I sit down to do administrative and management work, as I am a freelance artist, and perform these roles myself. And then in the afternoon, I start the painting process, which often lasts until late in the evening. This is the established routine for this time of year, but sometimes I want to paint very early in the morning, and then everything shifts to a different schedule.


In the summer, I become very active, and my painting studio fits in my car as I travel to various corners of Lithuania. I visit close friends in their gardens and set up a studio under an apple tree or on a seaside hill. This is the most wonderful time when the studio becomes everything that fits under the sky.

Can you tell us about the exhibition where we meet?


I titled the exhibition “Unplanned Paintings”. This exhibition is a living touch to the subconscious, inner, or dream world. There is an experience of centuries lying there, the code of self-awareness that opens the gates to a mythological narrative with which the viewer can identify. The emergence of surreal images shows that this mythological world is alive, which everyone carries within themselves. For me, this exhibition is one step towards understanding the structure of this reality.


What are your small or big plans for 2023?


Starting with this exhibition, 2023 hints that it will be a dynamic year. I enjoy communicating, so this year I hope to meet many interesting and inspiring people. I have several creative inspirations in mind that I want to implement, so I hope to prioritize my time in a way that allows for more time for creativity, and that the managerial and administrative parts are more efficient and less time-consuming. I have the intention to continue filming “Sacred Land.” This is one of the creative projects that speaks about love for nature and emphasizes its importance for all of us. Also, my goal for this year is to write more. Perhaps one day I will be able to gather and combine many different story fragments that lie in my notes after a rainy walk in the forest. And the big plan, as with every year, remains the same – to live, enjoy life, and love it.

During our meeting, Rolandas was wearing the Namaskard shacket, Black Bakki pants, and our new work suit-inspired set (which consists of Stone Bakki cargo pants & Stone Heimdallur shacket).



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