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Reveal Huginn Muninn world through your lens: Joao, Francesca & Sebastian
We recently announced a project whose main aim is to provide a platform for creators who share the same goal as us – to inspire people with their work. This time, we asked photographers to reveal the world of Huginn Muninn through their authentic point of view. Today we want you to meet three photographers from this project – João Marques, Francesca Bianchi and Sebastian Vistisen Toft.



João is a photographer from Lisboa, Portugal, who decided to capture our Mimir shirt in these photos. We had an incredible opportunity to chat with him about his creative inspirations.


Tell us, how did your path as a photographer begin?


When I was around 13, one day I grabbed my dad’s digital camera to photograph my friends. From there, it was something that started being a part of my life, however, I was doing it without any technical knowledge or purpose, it was just my thing. When I finished high school I moved to Lisbon to go to Film school. Only at the end of my 3-year-course, I decided to go study for a 1-year photography course, since it was something so present in my teenage years. At that time, I was feeling like I had a lot to express, and still, images ended up being my medium. That’s when my ‘real’ photographer path began, at the end of 2018.


What is most important to you in photography – technical knowledge and tools, or maybe the situation, the environment, a person?


The thing I find most important is not exactly the environment or who is the model, but the way l feel at that period of time and how does my mood mixes with the scene. The most important thing is doing something that feels right to you. I think the technical parts/knowledge come along the way. I still have a lot to learn, since I’m not usually great with the technical stuff. How I feel has a big influence on my photography quality.


What inspires you the most, not only in photography but also in life?


People that are also passionate about something inspire me.



Francesca is a photographer from Tuscany, Italy, who decided to capture our Mustard Heimdallur Shacket in these photos. We had a chance to chat with her about her creative path.


Francesca, tell us how did you get your start as a photographer?


My love story with photography had begun with me as a model. However, the first time that I casually had a camera in my hands made me instantly realize that I wanted to stay behind the lenses.


What is the most important thing for you in photography?


I don’t really think that technical knowledge is an essential part of the artistic path of a photographer. Instead, I believe that the most important aspect is to find something which represents the inner core of your artistic view of the world.

Your photography looks cool and sensual. What’s your main inspiration behind these shots?


Basically, every little thing around me reveals itself as a source of inspiration to my art. I strongly believe that sensuality is at the very center of everything that catches our attention (both the more joyful and harmonious details of a person, an environment, a feeling, and the mysterious, darker aspects of life). My main goal is to reveal and bring to light these various fragments of beauty that surround me.


What inspires you the most, not only in photography but also in life?


The place where I live is a powerful source of inspiration to me: I live in a tiny village surrounded by nature and peaceful woods and hills, and this environment is quite often the main stage of my photographic work. Besides, I’m lucky to be surrounded by caring and inspiring people, who give strength and never-ending renewal to my art. But I must say that, in the end, love is the strongest driving force of my creative process.



Sebastian is a photographer from Copenhagen, who decided to capture our Mint Teikning shirt in these photos. We made a short interview with him.


Tell us, how did your path as a photographer begin?


It all started when I borrowed my stepdad’s old camera for a school project. The film class had made some movies and wanted to show them to us. There was a red carpet event and all that. So they needed me as paparazzi. It all went pretty well. And then I just started taking pictures of people on school trips. I actually wanted to become a photojournalist but changed my path when I was going to a photo/art school. So I became a commercial/fashion photographer instead.


What is most important to you in photography?


I am not a technical type. If the camera works, it works. I don’t care about megapixel and that. For me, it is all about the team around the picture. The MUA, the model, the stylist, etc. Everyone on the team makes the picture. 


Your photography looks very stylish and chic – what is your main inspiration behind these shots?


My inspiration comes from a lot of different places. Other photographers, places, colors, people, etc. When I have to take a portrait I make a mood board, but it can change to something different quickly when I meet the person and see the clothing in real life. I am always trying to feel the vibe in the room. Yeah, so let’s say the vibe inspires me. The vibe around the model, the music that plays and then you take the first shot you can just feel that it is there.


What inspires you the most?


People who take chances and just follow their heart to make something great. Also, music inspires me a lot. A good track to set a mood. The chill vibes in the summer sun. Colors and light are also important. The light that hits a face or a wall so you can see the contrast.



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