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Reveal Huginn Muninn world through your lens: Kenneth, Celine, Christian
Creativity is one of our core values. Therefore, we want to create a platform for other like-minded creators. “Reveal Huginn Muninn’s world through your lens!” – is a project where we ask various photographers to reveal the world of Huginn Muninn through their authentic point of view.
Meet Kenneth Kemp (@kennylkemp) Kenneth Kemp is a photographer from Brazil, currently working in Portugal, who decided to capture our Mimir shirt in these photos. We asked Kenneth what inspires him the most, not only in photography but also in life. This is what he had to say: “There’s inspiration everywhere and I guess the more you travel, the more you see it. Also talking with great artists or just people who do what they love to do, brings me a lot of inspiration and perspective to how I see the world”. We also asked for his opinion about, what is most important in photography – technical knowledge and tools, or the situation/ the environment/ the people: “Knowing the technicalities and having the tools helps your creative process, but I believe that choosing the situation you want to be in a project will lead to the best results, no matter what camera you have. If it’s not something too specific, it’s normally about telling a story with the means you have” – Kenneth.
Meet Celine (@mcbinoculars) Celine is a photographer from France. She decided to capture our unisex Hvelfing shirt in these photos. We asked the photographer how did her path as a photographer begin. This is her story: “It began almost ten years ago when I moved to Istanbul. My grandmother offered me a Nikon FM2 camera on that occasion. Before that, I had had few cameras since I was a small child. I remember a Fisherprice model that I still have somewhere at home. But it’s this Nikon that got me into understanding how to use the camera if I wanted a picture out of it. Of course, the connection with moving to a new country was also strong. It was a double process of discovery that nurtured each other.” We also wanted to know what inspires her: “I’m sort of a bookworm. I absorb all the information that passes my eyes. I can become obsessive about one topic and learn everything about it. I’m not sure how, but all of this is a part of searching for inspiration in a way. Now I am trying to be more focused on thinking in terms of projects, which drives me to be more consistent in my research. I’m still looking for more precise inspiration that would fit or help me shape what I want to achieve” – Celine.
Meet Christian Navarro (@chrisnavarrophoto) Christian Navarro is a photographer from Spain. He decided to capture our unisex Perlan shirt in these photos. We asked him what inspires him the most. This is what he had to say: “Real stories. No doubt about it. Usually, many artists get inspired by songs, movies, books, other artists, etc. To me, what inspires me the most is real stories. Those that make you feel your soul shake when you hear them. Sometimes just walking and being alone while watching life in its deepest sense.” Christian also told us how his path as a photographer began: “Everything started with modeling. I spent over 12 years working in front of the camera. That experience gave me the wisdom and the knowledge to jump on the other side. Also, while modeling, many photographers I had the pleasure to work with, became my friends. They motivated me to go for it. I guess the Universe had everything planned for me, so I just went there and took it. The path still goes on, and I am enjoying every step of it.”



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