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Autumn / Winter

Autumn / Winter



The audience is here; the stage is mine.

C Sharp Minor, the time has come.


There is something eternal and beautiful in the moment right before the orchestra starts playing. The silence becomes louder than any sound. The tiny drop of sweat appears on the forehead of the first violinist. The conductor straightens his back, pulls his shoulders and charges the baton with electricity. One wide gesture and the sound comes to life. Every first sound that reaches the grand stage has a story to tell.


Huginn Muninn autumn – winter collection draws its inspiration from the moment of musical enlightenment. It is the epiphany of the creative process that is always invisible to the audience. How many stacks of crumpled sketches had landed in the bin before the creation was finally born? How many sleepless nights had passed?


Huginn Muninn autumn-winter collection celebrates the creativity that stands as a proof of the strength of human persistence. There are no secret ingredients in producing the Sunrise sonata a la  Beethoven or the Cloudy Night painting a la Van Gogh. There have to be at least as many failures as there are the successful moments.

Huginn Muninn is the brand created for creators by the creators. We know that every process of creation requires the creator to become the Renaissance man. Huginn Muninn autumn – winter collection captures both multiplicity and diversity of patterns, colours and designs in order to represent the different stages of the creation process. Inspiration seekers will find their muse in the Huginn Muninn bohemian shirt coloured in dense burgundy. Those who are about to present their work in the great opening will look their best in the snow white shirt with the back collar decorated in sound wave design. The collection is full of the variety of stripped patterns inspired by the design of musical scale. It also features new design – the signature Huginn Muninn shirt jacket.


This collection is designed for those who are about to play their recitals in the grand Harpa hall in Reykjavik. Most importantly, Huginn Muninn autumn-winter collection speaks about those who are ready to open the blank page.


Behind every red stage curtain there is an ordinary-looking white sheet of paper.

Ethically Made.
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