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Meet the creators – Vytis

Meet the creators – Vytis

Meet the creators is our blog series dedicated to the creative people of today who bring new colors and sensations to our mundane lives. We want to allow you to take a look through the curtain into their creative process that is usually invisible to the audience.

M E E T   V Y T I S

We had an opportunity to chat with Vytis – the vocalist from the band Chasing The Rise. Chasing The Rise is a metalcore band from Vilnius, Lithuania, formed in 2012.

Why did you decide to associate your life with music?


“I have always enjoyed extreme sports in my life, which inspired me to listen to extreme music, but it wasn’t enough. I wanted to make and play that music myself. I had a lot of musical ideas that I wanted to fulfill. Later on, there were some lucky coincidences in my life and I met people who also wanted to play and improve. Our ideas and desires checked.”


What does it feel like to perform on stage?


“I get a strong adrenaline rush on stage. I feel great in my music scene and I like the people who come to our concerts. I simply love this music!”


What was the most memorable moment of your musical career?


“All concerts, all moments are very important and memorable for me, but I will always remember the first concert. It was scary, but the support scattered all the anxiety.”


Does your image matter to you?


“My image is important to me. It helps me to be self-confident and one hundred percent committed to the scene. I mainly choose dark clothes that have classical, gothic and punk elements. I also like clothes that do not restrict my movements, because I love to feel comfortable.”

What gives you the most inspiration?


“I am mostly inspired by the music of other bands and my band’s fans!”


What would be your wish for fellow musicians?


“What would be my wish for other musicians? Play sincerely, don’t listen to others and play what you like. If you don’t have the passion for it, just don’t do it because it’s the most important thing.”


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