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Personalize your shirt with embroidery

We realize that in this fast-paced world, staying unique is challenging. However, we believe that self-expression is the greatest virtue of our customers. That’s why with our shirts, we want to convey the individual story of each of You. For additional authenticity, we can decorate your new Huginn Muninn shirt with Your initials – the small signs of confidence in who you are and what you wear. For those who seek an alternative to traditional embroidery, we offer a distinctive touch that aligns with our values of creativity and quality. You can now choose to personalize your shirt with an Icelandic rune of your choice. Each rune carries its own profound symbolic meaning, adding depth and significance to your garment. Our commitment to practical yet creative designs ensures that your personalized shirt not only reflects your individuality but also embraces the rich cultural heritage of Iceland.


Huginn Muninn encourages you to rethink your uniqueness in a simple way.

It’s time to go back to the roots because there’s nothing more special than being your simple self.

How to order the embroidery?

The process of ordering embroidery is extremely straightforward. On the product page, simply click the “Personalization” option. Then, you will need to decide whether you want to personalize the shirt with your initials or with Icelandic rune symbols of your choice. Please note that the maximum number of symbols for the embroidery is 3. Don’t forget to select the placement and color for your initials. You will have the opportunity to choose from several different placements and colors that best complement your shirt. And that’s it!


How much does it cost to get the embroidery?

Embroidery costs – 15.99 €. But we would love you to try this unique service and make sure it is of the highest quality. Therefore, at the moment we are offering to do the embroidery on the shirt free of charge.

What do the abbreviations C1, S1, F1 mean?
C1 – placement of the embroidery on the left shirt cuff.
S1 – placement of the embroidery on the left sleeve split next to elbow.
F1 – placement of the embroidery on the left side of the shirt front just below the ribcage.
Can I return the shirt with the personalized embroidery?
Unfortunately, shirts with embroidery are non-refundable because they were created just for you. Therefore, we kindly ask you to check thoroughly whether you have chosen the right size before buying a shirt with personal initials.



Ethically Made.


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